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No better way to fuel your DIY leprechaun trap 🪤 than with this colorful concoction. A little on the sweet side, compared to what we normally do, but what is the old saying… You catch more leprechauns with marshmallows than vinegar…🤔

This recipe calls for the use of an espresso machine, but you can make this with a regular coffee as well.


  • 2 cups lucky charms
  • 2 cups of milk
  • SMART OWL COFFEE Clean Beans Sumatra Dark Roast
  • Tsp coconut Sugar
  • Pinch of salt


  1. In a container, add 2 cups milk, one cup of the Lucky charms, sugar, and salt. Mix well, Cover, and store in the refrigerator for two hours. When your milk is ready, remove it from the refrigerator, strain, save the milk and discard the mushy cereal.
  2. Take the other cup of lucky charms and Separate the marshmallows from the oat cereal pieces. Set marshmallows aside.
  3. Smash up about 1 tbsp of the toasted oats cereal pieces into a fine powder.
  4. Add 18 to 20 g coffee grounds to your double espresso basket and tamp down. Then place a thin layer of the oat cereal powder on top of the ground coffee and tamp again. Load and Run a double shot through your espresso machine.
  5. Take approximately one cup of the cereal milk, and either steam and froth it with your espresso machine or microwave it in a cup for 30 seconds then froth with handheld frother
  6. Put it together! To your cup, add a few marshmallows, add hot espresso, top with frothed milk, and garnish, with marshmallows that you set aside earlier.

NOTE: if you do not have an espresso machine, you can simply brew a single cup of coffee and add a tablespoon or so of the dry oats cereal to your coffee grounds before you brew.





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