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Whoooo we are...

Based in the heart of the midwest, Smart Owl Coffee is a woman-owned, family run company, dedicated to providing a superior product.  With a foundation in science, we assembled a coffee brand that we are proud to stand behind.

Smart Owl Coffee, Organic Coffee, Supplement Coffee, Vitamin Coffee, Infused Coffee

SMART OWL COFFEE uses peer reviewed studies as guides in formulating UNIQUE and BENEFICIAL coffee blends that taste great and promise to maximize your coffee experience. All of our blends are sustainably sourced, expertly roasted, small-batch, organic, supplement-infused, ground coffee.

The idea behind Smart Owl Coffee started with a conversation in 2010 between brothers, Justin and Sean Valenti, and Sean's wife, Robin. At the time, Justin was studying for his doctorate in Optometry and Sean was practicing in a private clinic, having already received his doctorate in Chiropractic. Robin was a practicing optometrist working in a MD/OD practice. Justin commented about how demanding school was and how endlessly refilling the coffee pot was not doing the trick. Sean and Robin not only remembered having the same experience when they were in school, but that lack of energy and clarity was a very common complaint from their patients.

Years later, Justin had the same conversation with his wife, Faith. At that time Faith and Justin had a newborn, a 2-year-old, and an 8-year-old. Needless to say, stress was abundant and sleep was a luxury. Justin shared a study that he and Sean had found years ago, about how caffeine and L-theanine had a synergistic effect that improved focus, mood and mental clarity. In her desperation, Faith immediately searched for a reliable company that provided COA certified pharmaceutical grade L-theanine. A short time later she was drinking L-theanine infused coffee. She was such a believer that she and Robin decided to run with the idea.


- We researched natural and effective ways to enhance our coffee in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the undesirable effects.

- We discovered that there is a lot of misinformation and there are many companies making unreliable claims, so we decided to only use peer reviewed studies to develop our blends.

- We Decided to follow our 3 simple Rules

Smart Owl Coffee Rule 1, Organic Coffee, Supplement Coffee, Vitamin Coffee, Infused CoffeeSmart Owl Coffee Rule 2, Infused Coffee, Organic Coffee, Supplement Coffee, Vitamin CoffeeSmart Owl Coffee Rule 3, Organic Coffee, Supplement Coffee, Infused Coffee, Vitamin Coffee


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Smart Owl Coffee is based in Springfield, Illinois.
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