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Coffee and Chemistry Blog

  • The Complicated Relationship Between Coffee and the Stomach

    It’s a tale as old as time. You fall in love with the sweet hypnotizing aroma of coffee, only to find that the smooth eye-opening energy-boosting brew leaves you with the unwanted sensation of heartburn, pain, and an upset stomach. 

    So, what is the complicated relationship between coffee and the stomach???

  • Essential Amino Acids: What They Are and Why They Are Essential

    When exploring ways to improve your health, sometimes it is important to dive down into the body to see exactly how it works and what it takes to keep it healthy. Here we are taking a deep dive into ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. What are they and why are they essential?

    No better way to fuel your DIY leprechaun trap 🪤 than with this colorful concoction. A little on the sweet side, compared to what we normally do, but what is the old saying… You catch more leprechauns with marshmallows than vinegar…🤔
  • Spiced Peppermint Mocha

    Let's get this holiday season started! This is the recipe that we shared on our NEWS CHANNEL 20 FEATURE. It's super easy and so so so good. Perk up the party with a Peppermint Mocha (add some booze to take the edge off and help get through all of those awkward holiday moments;) 
  • Organic Coffee: the Superior Bean

    Coffee is filled with amazing antioxidants that may prevent several illnesses and ailments, but all of its benefits can be diminished through harmful farming and processing practices. 

    Consuming healthy foods and drinks may be counterproductive if they contain harmful toxins found in pesticides, herbicides, and other fertilizing agents commonly used in traditional coffee agriculture. 

  • The Magic Elixir: Functional Mushroom Extract

    Deep in the forests of the Americas, Asia, and Europe, grow six very important mushrooms. Wielding a bounty of medicinal compounds, these mushrooms have improved health and wellness in Eastern medicine for centuries. 

    More recently, the scientific community has become interested in learning exactly how they’ve been able to do this and have worked to develop ways to pull out these “magical” nutrients and put them in a concentrated liquid form for our consumption.

  • Hot Honey Mocha

    You’ll want to save this one! Simple and Easy, the vanilla/almond honey is a key component to getting a really unique Mocha experience that is truly next level. Perfect for a chilly winter morning. This is the basic Mocha Recipe that we use as the base for many of our cocktails or other fancy mochas. ENJOY!
  • White Mocha Cold Brew

    This recipe is incredible!! The white chocolate chunks are sooo good with the whipped cream and caramel drizzle😋 Seconds please

  • Iced Caramel Macchiato with Dalgona topping

    We recently had a request to showcase whipped coffee, also known as Dalgona coffee. Touted as an incredible and innovative way to serve up a creamy coffee drink, we tried it, and honestly... found it to be all fluff. 
  • Our Favorite Coffee Brewing Technique: The Pour-Over

    This easy and simple brew method is preferred among coffee enthusiasts because it gives the brewer ultimate control over the resulting cup and is ...
  • Cold Brew How To

    It’s hot and muggy here in the Midwest. So hot, in fact, that even 7am is too warm to sit out and enjoy a hot cup. Here’s how we cool it off.
  • Benefits of adding honey to your coffee and HOW TO INFUSE HONEY at home

    We really enjoy using honey in our coffee. It has a lower glycemic index than table sugar and contains amino acids, electrolytes, and a bounty of antioxidants that are useful in the management of chronic diseases that are commonly associated with oxidative stress and inflammation state. You can use raw honey straight from the jar, but below we share our process for infusing honey so that you can experiment at home and create enumerable, delicious recipes on your own.